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Vision & Goals

What is your vision for the next five years? That is a common question asked in job interviews and I think it’s a great question to revisit with yourself. I have always believed in the power of setting well-defined goals.

As an advisor, I talk to individuals and couples about their personal goals on a daily basis.  These aspirations are rarely about “money” itself.  They are about family vacations, ski days, fishing trips and time with loved ones.  Planning and setting goals is about clearing your path so that you don’t miss out on what’s deeply important to you today, and in the decades ahead. It’s about making intentional decisions now, so that you have options in the future.

When you work with a financial planner, they should help you incorporate your goals into an individualized financial plan. At Sopris Wealth we use a signature financial planning process and utilize multiple analytical software programs to evaluate outcomes. (See About Planning for more information.) Our planning clients use a website and app with their advisor to keep their current financial progress in focus and easily accessible. We can also use this technology to move through objectives and adjust to changes.

When you have clarity about what you want, you are more likely to recognize the opportunities that can help move you in that direction.  After going through our financial planning process, one of my clients decided that what he really wanted was to take a year sabbatical from work.  He loved his job but he had been working since high school and he wanted to have time to travel with his wife.  Using his interactive plan in RightCapital I was able to show them how they could make their dream of traveling the world a reality.

I have helped other clients start their own businesses, buy their dream homes and retire. What is your vision? I would love to hear about your personal goals and help you create a roadmap to get to where you want to be.

Dartmouth College has some great information and templates for goal setting on their website. LucidChart also has an article on the goal setting process (The Ultimate Goal Setting Process: 7 Steps to Creating Better Goals) and tools you can use.   To get your ideas and feelings flowing, try a Vision Board!